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A Letter of Love

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Dear Creekside Family,

Matthew, Jacob and I have moved to North Bend to be closer to our family. It is with heavy and light hearts all at the same time that we share this news with you all. Creekside has been our home for six years, from the first Sunday we visited. We’re not that far away, but it’s realistic to acknowledge that we will want to join a church community out in North Bend, whether at Cascade or elsewhere.

We’ve done life with you all for quite a while now. We’ve watched your teenagers grow and blossom as we led Youth Group for a time, and you trusted us to fly across the country to attend CHIC with them. We were married there in April 2016, and Jacob was baptized in the spring of 2018. We’ve eaten with you all, sung with you, prayed with you, cried with you, and gotten so many hugs. Thank you for all the memories and your presence in our walk with God.

The events of the past year have highlighted the importance of being closer to family, so we have been talking and praying about moving for months. The catalyst for such fast action recently was our adoption process. We are partway through and about to start the home study and interviews with social workers. After praying about it, we decided it would be best to bite the bullet and move now, placing that on hold until we found a new home that could more comfortably fit a larger family.

We will miss you all very much, and we are grateful for being part of the Creekside family for so long.

With love in Christ, Kelsey & Matthew Hjelm (and Jacob)

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