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Baptism, Blessing, Invitation

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

This past Sunday was Creekside’s annual baptism service at Tolt McDonald Park in Carnation. It is always one of my favorite services of the year.  If you were with us you know that this year, like the previous ones, was outstanding. We sang and we celebrated. We listened to commitments made by those being baptized and made committed ourselves to helping them live out theirs. We walked together to the river, gathered together on the shore and participated with our presence as each person was submerged into the grave of the water, enveloped in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, before arising — a symbol of new life, new name, new identity, gathering back into community to be prayed over and then a meal to celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of God. Church really does not get any better than that.

Wonderful things happens whenever the people of God gather together as people who desire his presence and seek to be obedient to his leading. It is an amazing and humbling journey to walk with the maker of the universe — as a church, in communion, in baptism and on mission, together with God.

This week we have another opportunity for God’s people to gather as we prayerfully walk around and threw the place we call home. We moved here two years ago after much prayer and with a great deal of unknowns. We moved into his leading as we stepped out in faith with our decision to buy our building — to stay (and plant roots, be equipped, worship and fellowship) so we could go into the world has his ambassadors and agents of restoration. Lord willing we will be closing on the sale in the next several weeks. We do not want to do so without acknowledging God and asking for his favor, protection and anointing as we move forward into the future he envisions for us.

Join us this Friday, August 14th at 7:30, as together we prayerfully walk through the space God has given us, anointing this place for his use.  

Peace, hope and love Doug

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