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The 167: March 5, 2020

As we came away from last Sunday, one of the points of application from the “game of thrones” (also known as 1 & 2 Kings) was to look for and demolish the “high places” in our own lives.  And as we continue to move forward in these days of anxiety that is riddling our community, perhaps one of the high places we need to be especially aware of is that of fear.  It’s normal to have waves or moments of fear and anxiety, but we also choose as God’s beloved people to not camp there and set up an altar of fear that consumes and directs us.  We are a community that has not only encountered but lives under the sovereign lordship of our resurrected King, Jesus.

As we live further into this season of Lent (including the new series we are starting this Sunday) and the season of uncertainty in our community, let us again resolve to be a people of prayer and lighthouses of hope spread all around our Eastside community.

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