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The 167: May 23, 2019

The question at our church is NOT “Do I have a part here?” but rather “What’s my part?”  Because the first answer is a given: Yes! Which means you’re left to wrestle only with figuring out what part that is. But as we talked about this past Sunday, that is not a solo wrestling match. At Creekside we look at wrestling as a team sport. 🙂 Something where we can come alongside each other to help discern and figure things out together.

If you weren’t able to to be with us this past Sunday, please know the invitation was given to enter into this shared discernment together. If you currently unsure about what your “part” is at Creekside or during the 167, we would love to meet up with you to talk and pray together about this over the coming months. You can email or talk to me…or with Liz or Carl.

~ Pastor Mark

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