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We Have an Awesome God

I’ve been the primary caregiver for my wife. Being a caregiver can be very difficult, and when the government gets involved, it becomes a real headache trying to do everything, and to do it right. And this is in addition of making sure my wife is cared for.

In Washington State there is Department of Social and Health Services. DSHS. Their maze of regulations is huge. To make it even worse, the basic law comes from the federal government. So now you’re dealing with both state and federal. Then add county and different non-profit organizations, and you wonder how anybody can figure all this out.

Then just about a week ago, I found an error in some paperwork I received. This was a bad error. If things went really bad, it could look like fraud, and I didn’t do it! I did not make the error! It was not good. I prayed to our Lord and wondered what to do. I also talked with some friends. People were telling me to say nothing and hope nobody finds out, but the legal problems could be huge. My stress was building up. I believed that if I followed that suggestion, I would not be honoring God. I prayed, “Lord! Help me! What do I do? What can I do?”

I decided to tell the officials everything, even things that could look bad. I believe this was the honorable thing to do. I also decided to trust God to work everything out. After all, there was nothing I could do. Then some other people told me I was doing the right thing. But I was warned again, that this could be a legal nightmare. I prayed some more and trusted God.

I will not go into the details, but I am no longer in any trouble. The problem has been solved.

I am reminded of a time a few years ago when our toilet overflowed, flooding our bathroom. I had the septic tank pumped out, but it didn’t help. I called a plumber, and he said the line going from the house to the tank was plugged. To save money, I dug up the pipe going to the septic tank (pictured). To my surprise, it was completely filled with dirt. The pipe was also broken in several places and from the looks of it, had been that way for a very long time. I remember my wife and I would pray every day for protection. Also for a while, we had been a bit low on money. I realized that when we were low on money, God kept wastewater, as well as solid waste flowing through 7 feet (over 2 meters) of solid dirt. Radiation shielding can’t even do that! It’s interesting that God kept the waste flowing through the dirt until we could afford to fix it. Then Wes Guest from Creekside came out and helped me replace the pipe. Our God Is an Awesome God (song with lyrics).

I have seen God do other miracles. I have seen God heal! The Bible is full of miracles and healing. Can He heal my wife? I know He can. Will He? I don’t know. But I will keep praying.

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