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Team 167 | Local Missions

"Team 167"

It's not just some local missions ministry team.  While we indeed have one of those to help us be intentional in how we serve our local community together, "Team 167" is so much more.

We'll let you in on a little secret.  If you are a regular attender at Creekside, then you are automatically a part of our Team 167.  Because Creekside is most actively and efectively on mission during the 167 hours between our weekly hour of worship on Sunday mornings.

So, while we have some great local mission opportunities regularly on our church calendar, the heartbeat of our local mission effort is every one of us being on mission where God has planted us around the Eastside area.  In our neighborhoods - in our schools - in our workplaces - and in every other place where we gather.

And it is pretty amazing how God continues to show up and make life-changing impacts through our Team 167!


Fixing the Roof

Service Days

We love being able to serve our neighbors.  We often have opportunities to do this right in the neighborhood around our church building.  We also join together with churches all around the great Bellevue/Redmond area each year to serve our local schools on the Jubilee Service Day.


Creekside Garden

We have a community garden that is open each year for Creeksiders and neighbors to work in and help bring about a bountiful harvest of food that is donated to local food banks.  You can find the latest updates on our garden here

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