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IMPACT our world for Jesus

Our faith journey does not stop at simply regularly encountering Jesus and becoming like Jesus.  In fact, it can't stop there because a natural outcome is that we would regularly be impacting the world around us (near and far) for Jesus.

Helping Hands

Serving at Creekside

There are so many different ways to use your gifts and talents at and within Creekside.  We believe every person has an important part ond role.  We'd love to help you get connected!

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Team 167 | Local Missions

Church isn't just about the one hour of gathering for worship on Sunday morning.  In fact, we are convinced that "church" happens mostly during the 167 hours between that weekly hour and we seek to equip and encourage everyone in this shared mission.

Global Missions Team.png

Global Missions

At Creekside, we are actively engaged in God's Kingdom mission around the globe.


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