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Financial Updates

Our proposed 2023-2024 budget will be available in late May as we prepare to vote on it at our June 4 congregational meeting 

You are welcome to send any questions or comments about our church finances either to our whole Leadership Team or directly to Stew Konzen (LT Financial Officer)

June 14, 2023 Financial Update

The following table shows our projected budget for the rest of the fiscal year. Income and expenses are both down so that we're tracking our budgeted deficit well. Unfortunately, May results were not very good and we now have considerable pressure on our deficit.

image (2).png

Below, see where we stand after nine months through May.  We have a $20,000 deficit thus far. Recent results were bad and we tacked on $9,780 to the deficit in May.  We now project a deficit of $32,545 which is okay, but means that we'll need to keep next year's deficit down under $20,000.  The months June through August will be a big challenge to keep under control.  We already expect an additional deficit of over $12,000 in those months, so if Giving dries up, and we end up under-performing $10K each month like we did in May, we could end up with a $50,000 deficit this year, essentially wiping out any deficit for next year's budget. 

If you feel so led, you can click below to make a special one time financial gift to help us close our current financial gap.

image (3).png
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