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Announcing: Creekside Internships

Hey all,

I wanted to give you a heads up in some exciting new developments in our youth and worship ministry. The bullet points are below, but read on to hear the story of how God has been at work moving us into a new season of ministry at Creekside:

– We are announcing 3 new internships! – Two Youth Ministry interns – One Worship Ministry Intern – We have already hired one of the new interns! – Welcome Sarah Bender!

Creekside Internship Program: Since Christian left we’ve been searching high and low for someone to fill our unique “Youth Ministry Assistant” role. The role itself was in many ways “experimental.” It was a hybrid role, part youth pastor, part intern. After a lot of searching and talking and beating the bushes for candidates we were faced with the decision to end the “hybrid” experiment and either move the role into a more serious “pastoral” place, or to turn it into a more traditional internship that was focused on learning opportunities. To be honest, we spent a fair amount of time exploring hiring another person to come on as a part time youth pastor. In the end, our financial limitations dried that well up. I was getting more and more confirmation from God that Creekside needed to open itself up as a training ground for youth leaders and dive full-on into not just an internship, but an internship program. That meant taking the resources that we had on hand and creating not one, but as many as three 10-15 hour a week internships. Two internships focused on youth ministry, and one potentially focused on worship ministry.

Announcing our first Youth Ministry Intern: Just about that time God sent Sarah Bender our way. Sarah is a Covenanter from Tacoma who recently started attending Northwest University. She feels called to youth ministry and was committed to finding a Covenant church to serve in. Without knowledge of our position or the potential for an internship program she asked if she could come explore being involved in the youth ministry at Creekside. The more we got to know her, the more it was clear that she was an ideal fit for the kind of internship we were thinking about. Long story short, we hired her with an official start date of 10/23. Sarah has been hanging out at youth group and around church for the last month or so, but this weekend she will formally begin her Creekside internship by joining our Middle School students on our “Thunder” retreat. We are excited for her to join us, and are looking forward to others that God may send our direction to explore their call to ministry through an internship opportunity at Creekside.

Welcome Sarah! So make sure and give a big welcome to Sarah. She has a great mind and heart for ministry, and is a super-perfect addition to the youth ministry team.

Grace and Peace, Noah

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