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Breaking Routines

“Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord.” (Psalm 117)

When yet another birthday approached I admit I heard the old Ducky Lucky voice chattering in my ear, “Oh me, oh my, Oh dear, oh dear, Alas, alack, what shall I do?

Well, the sky did not fall, the birthday came and went and I was left realizing that I had been pretty much stuck in old patterns, routines, habits, and attitudes. Let’s face it, I am one of the older Creeksiders around at 72 and I do have some significant physical limitations. However it was time to stuff Ducky Lucky swiftly into an old shoebox and seal it shut with duct tape.

It was time to wonder what now. It’s always a good idea to invite God into this kind of process – seriously! So I asked Him, “Lord what do you want me to hear with my ears and see with my eyes? Where do you want me and what shall we do?” Oh boy! I should know by now, if I ask I shall be answered…yep! And loud and clear I heard – I want your willingness to learn, to grow, to seek, to change. I want you to take this faith and love walk that you and I have had for 65 years and shake it out, own it anew! I want your today and then the next today – you step up to the footwork, I’ll lead the way.

Wow – OK then – glad I asked – sort of. Trust me, it is not easy to break out of routines and step into change. I started at church, a safe place, by going to people and kids I didn’t know well or at all, introducing myself, and then going back and reconnecting more than one time with them. I’m sure some of the young people thought, “Who is that weird woman?” but oh well. I deepened several acquaintances and made new friendships. Two have led to whole new activities and involvements.

I got a call from Linda saying if I wanted a ride to the all church prayer meeting that night. That Friday evening of prayer with other Creeksiders once every month has become an ongoing blessing and source of joy. Linda’s help getting me there and home is terrific and the prayer time with that group large or small is remarkable.

Conversations on Sundays with Michelle and Nadine Walters grew into a friendship with sharing tea in our homes several times. Michelle invited me to the YoungLife Capernaum group at Creekside. After a few fun Tuesday evenings I’m now committed to that Life Group program, first of all as a friend to everyone in the group and now alongside as part of the planner/facilitator team with eight other Creeksiders. I love being with these young adults with special needs, and I cherish all these new friendships and this incredible program. Thank you Creekside for giving us the space every other Tuesday evening.

These have been BIG steps for me!

My sis, Kathy, in Oregon convinced me to come down and visit them. The first trip on a Greyhound bus was not so much fun but the two other trips on Amtrak have worked out A-OK. I first went for over two nights and I’m up to a week.

She and I and my third sister, Pat, have a four-day trip planned for Silverdale the end of September. That’s where we grew up and graduated high school at Central Kitsap. We have not been together like this since very soon thereafter. That will be a huge change for all of us and an adventure. You can pray for it to be a wonderful time of re-bonding our relationships after all these years.

The biggest adventure by far was Mexico in July – I had not been on a big vacation since Ron died – and the timeshare was sitting there waiting and waiting. JaLynne went with me and it was so relaxing and fun. We slept in and we laid by the pool…and slept in and laid by the pool some more. We did one all day trip to San Sabastian del Oeste – the original silver mining town. Another day we went to dolphin adventures park – I did swim with the dolphins! Now that is not routine! I loved it so much! And I have a picture of me and the dolphin hugging!

I am finding I live in today with more thankfulness and praise…more ready for new adventures and life experiences. Placing each new today under God and grace, I’m learning to say, “What’s next?”


P.S. I have a little challenge for you! On Sunday when we sing the Doxology at the end – listen truly to the words and let your heart be in the praise. It is not meant to be routine.

Char can be reached via email here.

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