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Good Friday is for Everyday

“This I know, that God is for me.” (Psalm 56:9 ESV)

(Yes… This was written last Friday. However, this is a reminder we need every day.)

Today is Good Friday. The best — and worst — Friday in the history of the world. Some of you reading this know the meaning behind Good Friday. Some do not.

Simply put: Good Friday is the day we pause and remember that Jesus gave up His life to say to each one of us… “I would rather die for you than live without you.”

For those of you who KNOW this is true…let it humble you. For those of you who WONDER if it is true…nothing has ever been more true. For those of you who DOUBT it is true…God can handle your doubts. (He’s been embracing doubters for a very, very long time.) For those of you who FEEL ALONE…let this day be a reminder that you are never, ever alone (and never will be). For those of you who are BROKEN…let this day remind you that Jesus understands — and experienced — your brokenness. For those of you who feel UNLOVED or UNLOVABLE…let the truth of Christ’s cross shout louder than the lies of the enemy. For those of you who feel CONFUSED or BETRAYED…look at the Son of God who felt forsaken by His Father and was abandoned by His friends. For those of you who wonder if you are WORTH anything…hear Jesus clearly say, “No. You’re not worth anything. YOU ARE WORTH EVERYTHING!”

Yes…Good Friday was the worst day in history. And it was the best day. For Good Friday is the day when every lie was — and forever will be — replaced with truth.

You are known. You are wanted. You are accepted. You are forgiven. You are new. You are loved.


Alongside, Keith

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