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Happy 25th Birthday Creekside!

It was late in the spring of 1999. I was talking with Doug Olson, the pastor of Hope Covenant Church where I had been the youth pastor. Kari and I knew that we would be moving back up to Kirkland after spending our first few years of married life in Tacoma.

I asked him how Kirkland Covenant Church was doing.

I was not expecting this response…

“Kirkland Covenant actually closed down last year. But Randy Philips has started a new Covenant church in Redmond.”

A couple months later, the school year wrapped up and we headed north. We decided to check out Creekside as “Stop #1” on our search for a new church home.

25 years later, and we still haven’t made it to Stop #2.

Creekside has been “home” for us since that day.

I lead worship for that first summer. (Until we hired Jerry Lindman that September.)

Kari has taught Sunday School since the beginning.

We’ve both been on Leadership Team at some point on the journey.

Our kids were born, raised, journeyed through Youth Group, and now come back from college to our Creekside home.

We’ve seen every high and low.

We’ve seen every pastor.

We’ve seen people leave and return.

We’ve seen births, weddings, and funerals.

We’ve seen lots of laughter and lots of tears.

I guess that’s why Creekside isn’t only “home” for the Ferrin 5. Creekside is also “family.”

Happy Birthday Creekside!

Keith…for the Ferrin 5.

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