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Hope is Born

Often I despair of the world we live in

Oh! Humans! Sometimes I want to give in

When I think of the suffering in Ukraine

A war started by a man with power insane

And the hate in headlines in social press

The me-first, greed and the selfishness

But, God blesses those who work for peace

Who strive to maintain it, and never cease.

He said work for peace with the stranger, the other

Even love enemies, treat them as brothers

Break down the walls that divide and separate

Welcome all through his open gate

Help the crippled, the poor, blind, and lame

He’ll be with us; do it in his name

In helping those who can never repay you

You’re showing your love for the one who made you.

God blesses those who for justice cry

But, peace without justice just won’t fly

He told us to work to cure hate and greed

And if we do, we’ll be planting a seed

For peace and truth all over this land

That will keep on rolling like the Rio Grande

Remember, it’s really all about love

Which first came to us from above

And it’s not about religion or religiosity

It’s about the one who died, but lived to set us free

Yes, love was born in human form to help us with our livin’

How silently, how silently the wondrous gift is given.

To meet our deepest longings, questions, and plights

The hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight

Hope is born!

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