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Kingdom Stories

All of history finds its setting in the story of God, with its beginning in the mystery of the mind of the Author, God, and its end in eternity in his plans and purposes. In the midst of this ongoing story you enter the stage, a unique actor, collaborating with God in the writing of your part of the story.

Eugene Peterson puts it this way: “Every day we wake up in the middle of something that is already going on and has been going on for a long time, genealogy and geology, history and culture, the cosmos — God. We are neither accidental nor incidental to the story.”

Our shared stories are fuel for Kingdom living. It was great to hear many of your stories this past Sunday — I carry them with me as do the others to whom each story gift was given. One of the stories was the story of Frank Robl, an “ordinary man,” who lived the extraordinary way of Jesus. His story is beautifully told in a short video created by Scott Yamamura.

Peace, hope and love


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