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Worship Lived Out

Sunday we kicked of a 3-week focus on Justice. The next two weeks we will look at the very specific issues of slavery and sex-trafficking.

This week, we took more of a “30,000 Feet View.” For those of you who weren’t there, we hung out in Isaiah 58. The essential question was: Are we going to simply “do” justice, or are we going to “be” justice people?

If we are going to be the church God calls us to be, justice can’t be a once-a-year-for-the-month-of-January focus. It needs to be an every-day-and-all-the-time identity we live out.

Are you in?

By the way … the amazing news is that when we become justice people, God lets us in on some amazing things. Like setting people free, restoring that which is broken, shining light into dark places, and finding our joy in the Lord!

How sweet is that?!

Alongside, Keith

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