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Lament and Act

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Mourn with those who mourn. (Romans 12:15b NIV)

This week has been highly emotional in the US. From disagreement over how to move forward through the Covid-19 pandemic to the killing of another unarmed Black man by police, from the protests in response to the killing to the chaos and violence of rioters and “peacekeepers.” So much that has happened in the last few years has been described as “unprecedented,” right through the pandemic that had been dominating the news until now. But we the church also have an unmatched opportunity to lament suffering, to stand for justice, and to be Jesus to the world.

Please take the time to read and listen to some or all of the resources below. Feel free to talk with Pastor Mark or others in the church about how you feel. Sit in the discomfort of watching fear, anger, and grief, and ponder how you can, first and above all, listen, then take action moving forward.

First, don’t miss the statement from the Covenant Church on the death of George Floyd.

Our denomination has an active Love Mercy, Do Justice ministry, which has many resources available to help us, a predominately white congregation, learn and grow in the area of racial righteousness. On the right is a link to “Engage and Respond,” which includes a reading and video list.

Creekside has bought every member and regular attender access to Right Now media, which has multiple video studies available on racism and racial reconciliation. There are several short series that would be a great summer watch-and-discuss study with your small group.

Our Biblical Chat Café on the book and movie Just Mercy was postponed due to the pandemic, but I encourage you to check it out in preparation! You can buy the book here or at your favorite bookstore or request the book from the library. Warner Bros. has also announced the movie will stream for free on many platforms during the month of June.

Another excellent book is White Awake, written by a white pastor in Chicago, which is a great primer for white Christians. It illustrates the process of coming to terms with being white in the US and what Black Christians and other Christians of color need from us. The first person to email me can have my copy, but it is also available online (here or elsewhere) and through your library.

Finally, for families, here is a Covenant-created set of lessons on justice for children aged 7 and up. You might also be interested in a this secular but fairly comprehensive guide (PDF) provided by our school that includes explanations for parents and recommended reading for younger children. For teens, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is the most famous example and a great place to start, after which this (also secular) list provides many suggestions (some of which may be better for older teens) in a variety of genres to expand your reading list into more Black authors.

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