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Rigorously Dwelling in the Story of A Baby Messiah

Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel voices, Oh night divine, Oh night when Christ was born, Oh night divine, Oh night divine

We come to the second week of Advent dwelling in the story of the coming Messiah, the King of Kings, God saves, come in the form of a little baby on a night divine.

As I mentioned last week, during Advent we are focusing on how we as the people of God are called to be a people of the word, called to Scripture. We enter into the story of Christmas from the pages of the Bible with the aid of the Evangelical Covenant Church’s teaching on how we are to read scripture – Faithfully, Communally, Rigorously, Charitably and Holistically, with commitments to Grace, Transformation and Mission. We have created a four-week Family Advent Take Home to help you enter more fully into the season of Advent by intentionally dwelling in the Christmas story found in the pages of the bible, considering how we read that scripture, and then moving into our lives changed by that Scripture.

In week 2 of the Family Advent Devotional we look at how we read the Bible rigorously. You can continue to engage in these devotions via the next step, pick up a hard copy of the devotional on Sunday mornings, or you can read or download the entire devotional here

Consider How You Read The Scripture

Rigorously – Recognizing cultural, historical context; Discerning communally what it means for the church today.

QUESTIONS: How would understanding the historical and cultural context in which the Bible was first written help you in applying God’s Word to your life today? What people or resources have you turned to in order to discern what God’s Word means?

Dwell In the Scripture

Let’s enter again into the story of the first Christmas. Before you read, take a look at the questions below. Invite the Holy Spirit to meet you in this passage. Read the passage slowly and preferably out loud. Read or listen to the Christmas Story

QUESTIONS: What word or phrase stood out to you (it might be different from last week, it might be the same)? Why? Is there anything in the passage that you are surprised was included by Matthew and Luke? Why do you think they included what they did?

Move With the Scripture

QUESTIONS: Which of the following areas in this passage are you most curious about? How might you find out more about that area?

  1. Geographic names and terms

  2. Possible connections with Old Testament Scriptures and events

  3. Persons named

  4. Physical locations

  5. Occupations

  6. Repeated words and phrases

  7. Figures of speech

Stop. Pause. Continue to enter fully into Advent. Enjoy the journey with us as we seek to be a people who are shaped by the grand story of God and his people.

Peace, hope and love


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