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The 167: May 30, 2019

Grace and truth.  As we talked about this past Sunday, Jesus was THE master of walking and speaking fully with both ultimate grace and truth. It is a seemingly mysterious and difficult task to follow in His way: to fully receive and give both.  But that is the aspired reality of our community at Creekside.  And it leads us to affirm the cultural statement we talked about on Sunday…that at Creekside “no perfect people are allowed.” We have been and want to continue to be a place you (and anyone else) can come just as you are…but also realize that as we encounter Jesus we won’t (we can’t!) stay that way.  Encountering Jesus naturally leads us to BECOMING more and more like Him.

And all of this naturally spills over into these 167 hours where we are called to be ambassadors of His ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5).  As we continue to do this during the week, may we continue to love all those around us in the most Christ-centered and Spirit-empowered way…filled equally with His grace and truth!

– Pastor Mark

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