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The 167: October 10, 2019

Last Sunday we had the gift of being able to hear from Keith Ferrin again as part of our current “Gospel Saturation” sermon series.  I hope you found it as helpful as I did.  When it comes to being a person that is saturating in God’s Word, the paradigm shift that Keith was talking about is so very important.  While it is important to know technical things about the validity of our Scriptures…and it is important to know various helpful techniques on how to go about reading it…the biggest game changer in going to be found in our WHY.  Why spend time in the Bible?  It’s all about relationship.  It’s all about being able to daily and truly encounter our living and active God.

Perhaps this week you have found it helpful to tweak your mindset with your own approach with the Bible.  Maybe it has led to actually spending more intentional time in it.  Maybe you made the suggested shift of moving away from reading by chapters/verses to simply setting a block of time to saturate in it.  Friends, this reality of growing in our time and quality of being in the Word…as well as what we will be talking about this coming Sunday…is essential for us as a whole church if we seriously are desiring that our church family would become so saturated in the Gospel that it leads to this abundance of overflow and impact in the community that surrounds us.

Grateful to be on this journey with you all!

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