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The 167: September 19, 2019

Can you picture the sponge?  How has the saturation level been this week? It’s a day-by-day and step-by-step process.  Daily soaking a little more in Jesus.  And then watching how God spills over and out around you through these 167 hours of the week.  Join us this Sunday as we continue this journey of saturating ourselves further in the Gospel.

And also please consider joining us on Sunday evening at 6:30pm in the Commons for our first “Biblical Conversation Cafe.” The intent of this first Sunday is going to be to 1) help to frame up how we can start to have even healthier Biblical conversations around topics that are sometimes harder to discuss; 2) give opportunity for any questions and discussion specifically related to the votes that happened at the ECC annual meeting in late June (which we also talked specifically about in worship on June 30); and 3) provide space for initial dialogue around the work the ECC’s work and understanding on the topic of human sexuality.  All of this will lead to us pressing into a better practice of dialogue in the in-between of these BCC’s and further discussion on the topic of human sexuality at our October 13 session.

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