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Too Hard for God?

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14a ESV)

Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Here we are, another season later, another round of searching for our lead pastor, and we have just announced one who will be coming to candidate in July! Even now, we do not know for certain if this candidate will be the right one, but we do know that God is leading Creekside to exactly the right person, at the right time for our next season. God is good!

I shake my head at how many times I have become anxious and worried during this entire process. I have continued to pray throughout the process, knowing that God is faithful and is the great provider for us all, but do I really believe and know that nothing is too hard for the Lord? Do you really believe and know that nothing (insert your worst-case scenario here) is too hard for the Lord?

In our Bible Study this year, we have been studying the book of Genesis, and I am seeing things in a new light, as the Living Word is prone to do for us. In the story of Isaac and Rebekah, Abraham’s oldest servant is sent out and given specific instructions by Abraham to go and find a wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac. He makes it clear that the she must not be a Canaanite, so the servant must go out from that land to find a wife elsewhere.

While reading this story in the past, I had tended to focus on the “big players” in the story, namely God and Abraham. But during this reading, I saw the servant come into focus, and zoomed in on the servant’s faithfulness to Abraham and to his God. The servant, although unnamed, was playing a key role in leading Rebekah to Isaac. What a key player—the lineage of Rebekah and Isaac led us to our Lord Jesus Christ!

In reading this story, and thinking about the entire process that the Lord has brought us through as a church family in finding a new Lead Pastor, it made me think about the timing and the purposes of God with all of the players in our story. I think about what God had planned for Noah and Ali and their family, for the last pastoral candidate, who decided not to come to Creekside, and his family. I think about Doug and Kelly and Lynn, and Pastor Vic—what God is doing in the timing and purposes of their lives. I think about the timing of the next candidate who will be coming to visit Creekside soon, and what God had to do and move in their lives to bring them to us at this appointed time! There are countless others who are part of the timing and working of all these things to happen.

This is a reminder to me, and I hope for you, too, that we must shift the focus off seemingly impossible or difficult circumstances, because we know full well that there are so many other pieces God is orchestrating to bring together at the right time and for the right purpose for all players involved. He has done it. He is doing it, and He will continue to do it until all things are made whole again.

The next time you are up against a circumstance that seems impossible, ask yourself: Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Brandy can be reached by email here.

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