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10 Tips for Liking The Bible (pt. 2)

I have had a blast sharing at Creekside these last couple weeks! Such a fun honor to be able to share with my “home” community.

By way of a reminder – in case you weren’t feverishly taking notes 🙂 – here are the tips we unpacked: 1. Read “relationally” not informationally. 2. Set your expectations really high. 3. Read “prayerfully.” (Have a strategy for beating the defense!) 4. Watch the movie. (Read a whole book…or at least a big chunk.) 5. Raise your voice. (Read out loud.) 6. Learn from your shampoo bottle. (Repeat) 7. Read alone. (No notes at the beginning.) 8. Don’t read alone. (Have a couple friends or small group you can talk about the Bible with.)

I also talked about a couple “4-Month Challenges.” The first is the New Disciple Challenge, where we focus on Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. I’ll be setting up a group for that one in the fall. If you’re interested in joining, let me know. If you want to start your own group, that’s fantastic too!

The second challenge is the Bible Read Thru. That one will be January – April. More to come later in the fall.

For now, grab your Bible, and enjoy! If you have a question, please ask me. I would love to chat more about this. Truly.



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