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[Jesus] said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come. Again he said, “What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.” Mark 4:26–32

At Creekside, we are Ordinary People Seeking To Live The Extraordinary Way of Jesus. The way we move into this extraordinaire way is by moving in the rhythms of God that existed in the Trinity before anything that was created was created – co-extent rhythms of inward (moving toward God) and outward (moving toward the world), together in a community of love and acceptance.

I was talking with someone last week who suggested that maybe that language was old – it is been several years now – people need something new. Another person, the same day, suggested maybe the language isn’t used enough. Ultimately, it’s not about the language we use but about the decisions the choices the priorities that we sit in that we live out, that shape us and guide us.

Our goal, whether we ever say it in words or not is the way of Jesus, that is the very meaning of being his disciple. It is living life the way that he modeled it, in unity with the father and in unity with his community sent to be a restorative agent in the world — and it is extraordinary.

Jesus describes the Kingdom of God in a ways that makes exponential growth and impact an expected reality. He tells us that this growth and impact comes only through abiding in him and moving with him — through the Holy Spirit who lives within us — into the world. And, as we do so, he promises that he will be the one to make things happen, that he will get the credit and the blame, that he will carry our burden and to guide us into all goodness. With those reality he asks us to dream with him, to dream big.

  1. Are you dreaming big?

  2. Are you planting seeds?

  3. Do you believe that God want’s to accomplish something through you?

  4. Do you believe that you can experience life in the Extraordinary Way of Jesus?

Peace, hope and love


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