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Discerning God's Voice

I once heard God’s audible voice.  It was not words so much as a thought that did not originate in myself.  It was absolutely counter to what I was thinking and when I heard it, I stopped in my tracks and knew it was the Lord.  I was lamenting with my outside voice over circumstances in my life that God was not changing in the way or timing I wanted. I was pouring out my heart over my own pain when I sensed the actual words “Enough. I’ve got this.” Phew.  That was years ago.  I still live in those same painful circumstance.  I still would prefer God to act in the way and timing I wish.  But because of God’s audible holding of me, I trust that he’s got me, no matter the circumstances.


Most often, I do not hear God’s audible voice.  Most often I have to lean into him to listen well and discern where he may be leading.  Leaning in requires physical time spent with the Lord - reading, worshiping, confessing, praying, you know, the usual.  Leaning in also includes podcasts, spiritual books, and iron-sharpening-iron kind of friendships.  I also love choosing a word of the year and watching how God places that word in my path.  When I lean in, I attune myself to listen for him - not just to him.  I’m actively looking for God in my daily life, in the secular places; not just my spiritual time spent with him. 

Oftentimes for me, God’s voice comes in the form of other people.  I laugh with God when a friend shares a struggle that is so similar to something I struggle with as well.  He knows we need each other, and he gives us as a gift to one another.  We are meant to be in community, authentically and vulnerably, even if just for a season.

One of my most powerful relationships is with my Spiritual Director, Kent.  He is a friend and mentor who encourages me in my daily life - my family space, thought life, personal challenges.  He asks great questions meant to lead me into looking for God’s hand in my past and his guiding for my future.  Together we wonder what God may be saying in this season, at this time.  This practice became so vital to me, that I completed my own Spiritual Direction certification in 2019 and have been offering these spiritual friendship conversations to others. 

I am deeply in love with Jesus.  Our friendship is not one-sided.  When I lean in, the Lord leans back.  And I get the blessing of feeling his adoration.  While I’d love to hear his audible voice daily, I can rest well knowing I am his beloved. And he is mine.  He speaks. How well am I listening?

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2 תגובות

So profound and beautifully stated Beth. Thank you and God bless you for your powerfully encouraging thoughts.

We acutely feel the kindredness in the authenticity of others whose hearts align with our passionate pursuit of God, his voice and his manifest loving and amazing presence wherein He makes Himself known.

O how he loves us!


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My email is Devorah Levy but my name is Devorah Bell 🙏

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