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God Answered

Updated: Apr 21

This is a story of how my faith in God changed when I was 10 years old. I’ll admit that before then, I never really believed in God. My mom used to tell me stories from the Bible like Samson and Noah. Those were my favorite stories. I loved those. But I never really believed them.

How can you believe it when you can’t see it? Like aliens for example. You can’t see them, so how can you think they’re real? And it’s like that with God. You can’t see him, no one knows about his existence. So back then, I thought, well, ok, God’s not really real.

Until in the 4th grade, when I was 10 things changed. I transferred schools half way through my 4th grade year. I moved from Lake Hills Elementary to Wilburton. It was a completely new environment. I’d been at Lake Hills a long time, for preschool, kindergarten, first, second, third and also a little bit of 4th grade. So when I transferred schools, it was all new to me. And also the school itself was new too. They had recently built it.

So in this new environment, I was very nervous with people. There was a group of people that had the same interests as me, because I could hear them talking. I really wanted to be friends with them but I just never had the chance because I was shy. I was so nervous to talk with them.

Until one time I decided to pray with God about it. I said, “God, please, I really want to be friends with these people. They seem like really nice people. I would like to hang out with them because they have the same interests as me.”

Thankfully, God heard my prayers. So one day - and it was the day after I prayed - something in me was different. I just felt like I was going to decide to talk with them.

And I did. They were so chill about it. They welcomed me into their friend group. Guess what, we’re still friends till this day. I still have their numbers, and we’re now in middle school. They’re the best people I’ve ever met. I’m so happy around them. And I just thank God for that.

And that’s when I started saying - Wow! God can really do anything! He’s such a miracle in this world. He’s our Lord and Savior. God really saved me from being this shy little kid. So now I’m starting to open up to more people and be talkative. And I’ve started making new friends and trying new ideas.

It was really cool how God changed my life like that.

*This is the eighth in a series called Faith Beginnings. Nibari belongs to sister church Iglesia Creekside.

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