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The 167: August 1, 2019

Recently I’ve been thinking of the idea of the Sabbath. To a lot of us, a Sabbath sounds like a vacation. Something to look forward to after all your work is done and the chance to just take a break and relax. But often, a Sabbath falls in the middle of your work. When God created the Heaven’s and the Earths, he rested after he was finished, but when Jesus took his breaks they were in the middle of his work. He would rest right after he preached to one group of people, as he is about to preach to another. He took a rest with God after the Last Supper, but before his betrayal. Jesus’ example of Sabbath comes in the middle of his work and mission, not after it was over.

What would it look for us if we took our rest before our work was complete? Instead of finishing up our project and then taking a break, what if we took our Sabbath with someone who needed our company? We have said that we want to have a Summer of Missional 167, a summer of encountering Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and impacting out world for Jesus outside of just being at church. How can your break, how can your Sabbath, help with that? -Carl Lindberg

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