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The 167: August 29, 2019

Thank you to everyone that came out last Saturday to serve and bless the staff at Sherwood Forest Elementary School! And what a wonderful morning of worship we had with 19+ other churches that gathered together to worship in the Downtown Bellevue Park this past Sunday.  Experiences like last weekend remind me of two key things.

The first reminder is that we are a part of a much larger Kingdom mission that God is (and has always been) doing in this community and world.  And God is doing incredible things not just through our life and ministry together here at Creekside, but in so many countless ways through His much bigger Church.  The second reminder is that there are some many creative way for us to be missional in the 167 hours between our Sunday worship services.  Serving at Sherwood Forest is just one way.  Our missional 167 rarely looks like such an organized effort as last Saturday.  It can be the simplest acts and relational steps in the ordinary places of our everyday lives.

With everything quickly transitioning to the fall season and new school year, my encouragement and prayer for us all is to continue to daily look for those little (and big) opportunities to B.L.E.S.S. people during our 167.

– Pastor Mark

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