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The 167: December 19, 2019

It’s really profound when we truly stop, pause, and think about what is being declared in some of these classic Advent and nativity texts.  Like this past Sunday where we started with the angelic proclamation to the shepherds in Luke 2 and really sat on the words “He is the Messiah!”  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget that the nativity story is really the beginning of the apex of the Great Rescue Mission of God.  This apex goes from the cradle to the cross (and most definitely to the empty tomb).

Christmas is coming.  It’s less than a week away.  And these are the days that are often filled not just with lovely moments, but also often with stress and even sometimes sadness or grief.  Whatever the overtone is right now, may you remember each and every day that He not only came to rescue you…but also every single person that you cross paths with this season.  And may that latter reality drive us further to share the Good News and light of Jesus during this season.

Also…if you wish to further soak in the music and lyrics of the special music that we had at the end of the sermon on Sunday, you can find a music video of the original here.

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