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The 167: January 16, 2020

Thank you so much for the prayer and support we received over the past week as our family was hit by sickness and our youngest ended up at Childrens! We are happy to share the praise report that all are on the mend.

This last Sunday (via the unique modality of a prerecorded video sermon!) we began our winter sermon series “King of Kings.” During this series we are exploring various characters we encounter on our Kingdoms journey.  And our “character” this past week was the nation of Israel in the book of Judges.  We saw the cycle of that book that repeated over and over and continued to get worse over the 4 centuries.

Have you given further thought to this cycle during the 167 hours of this current week?  Do you find yourself swirling in a similar cycle? The good news about this cycle is that it has been broken because of what God has done through Jesus Christ.  So, if you find yourself swirling, cling to and claim the truth that our true King lives and has broken the power of this cycle in your life.

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