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The 167: January 9, 2020

As we begin the new year, so also we begin our next chapter in our Immerse Bible Reading Experience as we turn to “Kingdoms.” We are encouraging everyone to engage with our journey of reading through Kingdoms.  You can read through it via the slightly more intense 8 Week Reading Plan.  Or you can take the more leisurely journey (although still quite the accomplishment) of the 16 Week Reading Plan.  Or you can break it down into whatever number of weeks will work best for you.  The goal is to simply immerse ourselves in this part of God’s Word.  There’s even a 40 day “Family Guide” that takes excerpts from the readings and puts it into a format that is intended for a family with younger children to journey on together.

We’ve had hard copies of Kingdoms available over the past month at church.  We recognize that we ran out of copies this past Sunday (which is such a great problem to have) and have ordered more.  If you can’t wait, you can always order an ebook version here.  And did you know that you could also listen to Kingdoms in its entirety?  You can find the audio (and links to podcasts of the audio on iTunes and Google Play) for FREE here…and you’ll also find weekly informational videos on that page too.

As we read through Kingdoms I encourage us all to continue to daily ask these four basic questions with our reading:

  1. Who is God? (How is God being revealed to us in this text today?)

  2. What is God doing in this text?

  3. (Based off of the answers to those first two questions…) Who am I?

  4. What am I to do?

Additionally, we will be doing a sermon series that starts this Sunday that will loosely parallel our Kingdoms journey.  Since everyone will be reading at different paces, our approach to the sermon series will be focused more on character studies.

So, if you haven’t begun your journey in Kingdoms already I encourage you to get started today.  And invite others to join you in this journey!  If you’re not a part of a small group right now, maybe now is the time to jump in (just let me know if you need help with that jumping in).  Or maybe you can do it together by simply inviting another person or two to commit to doing this together and getting together to talk through those 4 questions.

May God richly bless this journey ahead and may we, as His church, encounter Him in refreshing and life-transforming ways as we immerse ourselves in His Word!

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