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The 167: November 14, 2019

If you were with us this past Sunday in our worship service, I wonder if you might have walked away from the morning humming that old song from the Newsboys: “Shine! Make them wonder what you got…”  As we’ve been walking through the letter of Philippians, it’s become very clear that one of Paul’s main concerns was regarding the advancement of the Gospel in all situations.  He reminded them (and us!) to shine! To shine the Gospel in the midst of a very dark world.

And we talked a bit about how we can perhaps increase our shine factor.  Remembering that is ultimately God who is at work in and through us, I don’t want us to forget the invitation to be regularly and proactively engaged here at “Creekside Crossfit”…where we work out our salvation TOGETHER.

(If you’re a little lost about what I’m referring to, make sure to check out our podcast here.)

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