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The First Two Steps Toward Liking the Bible Are All In Your Head

Do you struggle with being consistent when it comes to reading your Bible? I did…for more than 20 years! I believed the Bible was true. I knew I “should” read it more and know it better. I even found value when I read it. And yet, I would go days, weeks, or even months with my Bible collecting dust on a shelf.

The reason? I didn’t like it.

How about you?

It’s really, really hard to be consistent – and find value – in something we don’t like. (Think “exercise.” J)

This past Sunday, we started having a conversation about HOW to like the Bible. Ever since I started to enjoy the Bible (back in the mid-90’s) I have had a passion for helping other people do the same thing. This week, we focused on two tips for liking the Bible.

The first is to have a relational mindset instead of an informational one. This is huge! Whether we are reading a large portion of the Word or doing a deep study on a single verse or paragraph, we need to approach our time in the Word the same way we would approach a conversation with a friend.

Sometimes the conversation is light and general. Other times the conversation is deep and focused. And yet, in both cases, the focus is on the relationship, not simply exchanging information.

The second is all about our expectations. Do we expect the Bible to be fun? Do we expect to enjoy it? Do we expect to meet God in His Word? Our expectations make a massive difference. Being honest about our expectations – and then striving to change them – is key to liking the Bible.

That’s enough for this week. This Sunday, we’ll explore a few more tips. To get the most out of our conversation next Sunday, would you do me two favors?

1. Pick a short book of the Bible (Philippians, Ephesians, II Timothy) and read the whole thing every day.

2. When you read it…read out loud.

Looking forward to the rest of the conversation. See you Sunday!

Alongside, Keith

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